Coordination wall

This is the first tool for training modern dynamic style of climbing and the specific set up offers endless combinations for climbers of all levels.

Let’s get coordinated!


Symmetric design of coordination wall offers climbers to practice wide range of specific dynamic movements to improve their climbing skills:

  • analyse your movement,

  • learn about your stronger and weaker side in many different situations,

  • systematically improve coordination skills step by step,

  • …and most importantly, have lots of fun!

The package

  • Wooden panels

  • 27 m2 birch wood plates with transparent finish.

  • Engraved shapes and numbers of the volumes for easy set up.

  • Possibility to engrave your logo on the wall.

  • 52 wooden volumes (you can choose between 10 colours: black, grey, blue, red, green, purple, pink, orange, yellow or white)

  • 101 PU holds specifically shaped to fit on the volumes

  • Instruction book and construction plan for easy set up

Technical specifications

  • Vertical wall 0°

  • Dimensions: 622cm x 433cm

  • Screws to fix holds and volumes: 500 pcs, different length x 4,5mm

  • Mats: our recommendation is 9,22m x 2,5m x 30cm.


Here is the list of things you need in order to set up your Coordination wall:

  • Construction for fixing the wall. We provide the construction plan.

  • Screws to fix the panels: 200 pcs of 600 x 5,5mm

  • Screws to fix holds and volumes: 500 pcs, different length x 4,5mm

  • Mats: Following 12572-2 standard, the dimensions of the mats should be  9,22×2,5x30cm


New ideas are constantly coming out from 360 house and this is also where Train to Climb was born. Simon Margon and Katja Vidmar are the names behind the whole idea. They are both coaches and international route setters with many years of experience in competition climbing. They constantly cooperate with professional and experienced coaches, route setters and athletes from all over the world.